Poem about journey

Yesterday was my two hundredth post – theme was Friend. It was an acrostic poem. Today I am writing about journey. The poetry type I am presenting is Similes.


Why is it a wonderful weekend?

Today is the last Saturday of February 2018. That is why I am writing this special post. 

Sharing my world on Tuesday

It’s been a while since I answered these interesting set of questions. Thank you Cee for amazing questions as always 🙂 These surely are helping to start my blogging week with a smile. Thank you! Here are the questions for this week and my answers. Are you a practical jokester? I am not a jokester but…… Continue reading Sharing my world on Tuesday

Finally a post: Sunday

Today I have logged in to WordPress after almost two moths. Yes…a lot has happened on and off line world. I decided many times to write on my blog but that was not happening. I can see many changes in WordPress website. I missed my favorite writers and blog challenges so much. I missed this…… Continue reading Finally a post: Sunday

Quote of the Day

Today I am sharing a quote from one of my favorite books (all time!). The design is created by me using canva. Hope you all like it! Have a happy weekend everyone!! 🙂