World photography day

Today is world photography day. Clicking photos is another hobby of mine. I have shared many of my clicks in different photo challenges over the years. 


Quote of the Day

Today I am sharing a quote from one of my favorite books (all time!). The design is created by me using canva. Hope you all like it! Have a happy weekend everyone!! 🙂


Name one thing not many people know about you. I have a fascination to be ambidextrous like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, etc Ambidextrous means able to use the right and left hands equally well. Although I’m right handed…I try to do things with left hand like writing, brushing teeth, etc It is a difficult task…… Continue reading SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2016 WEEK 15

Color Your World – Sky Blue

This is my  entry for color your world – Sky Blue

Landscape & Cropping

This is another click from travel…a landscape.