What is Gray and quote.

via Daily Prompt: Gray What is gray? A neutral or achromatic color. Where is it found? It is a shade between black and white. A quick search on Crayola shows that the Hue family is black and it was introduced in 1934. Quote about gray Life is about the gray areas. Things are seldom black… Continue reading What is Gray and quote.

Dilemma of blogging.

“Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close from Monday?”

Daily Prompt: Cake

Daily Prompt: Cake Thank you The Daily Post for this ‘sweet’ prompt. Could not skip this post It will be hard to find a person who does not like cake. I have a sweet tooth and love cakes. All sort of cakes, decorated birthday cakes to plain cakes! Holidays and celebrations go hand in hand with… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cake

Voice lost forever

Daily Prompt – Voice When I was small, we got telephone and every weekend we used to call our relatives in other city. It was a new experience for me. I could listen to voices of my grandma, grandpa as if they are in front of me. I remember when I used to dial their numbers…wait… Continue reading Voice lost forever

Inevitable, unavoidable…

Daily propmt :  Inevitable There are many things is life which are inevitable or events which are unavoidable. One such thing is growing up. This inevitable event occurs from unicellular to multicellular organisms. The cycle of birth, growth, aging and death – inevitable.   I look out of my window, there a small bud A… Continue reading Inevitable, unavoidable…