The reason I smile.

I love flowers. I try to be creative in my responses. I like to click and share many different flower photos with you all. I even post responses to different challenges using flower photos.


Different shades of blue

These are some of the photos which I am sharing as a part of Tuesday Photo Challenge. Firstly, there is a slideshow of butterfly pea in my garden. Every click is a different shade of blue. Some other photos include blue sky clicked from different locations. Hope you all enjoy the photo gallery. Enjoy the…… Continue reading Different shades of blue


  This is my entry for Cee’s black and white photo challenge. The topic for this week is ‘shadows’.    

Smile a little!

  This is so true isn’t it? Another one of my favorite quote designed using canva. Share the joy and bring a smile on every reader’s face is my motive. 🙂 Hope you all enjoy it.  

Saturday cheer!

This Saturday, I am very happy and want to share my happiness with you all in the blogging world. I designed this quote template using canva.