Monday flowers.

Hello everyone. This is my first post of the week. I think these are some kind of roses, I am not at all sure! Please share the name if anyone knows. They were a part of decoration arranged at the entrance of a wedding ceremony. Starting my blog week with flower of the day. Enjoy… Continue reading Monday flowers.

Pretty Oleander.

Weekend flower photo. I am back! I could not post because there was some problem in my internet connection. Everything is fine now. This weekend I am sharing a click of oleander. As you can see, it is a ‘pretty in pink’. I love the color so much! Now, they are in bloom. I will share more… Continue reading Pretty Oleander.

Lovely chrysanthemum!

Here is my  flower of the day!  

Ganges river.

I am sharing a photo clicked in Varanasi, India. This is the biggest and sacred river in India. This river is known as ‘Ganga’ or Ganges. Taking a boat ride in the river alongside the beautiful ghats. I will never forget the serene beauty, simple and pure atmosphere in this part. Now, sharing as a… Continue reading Ganges river.

Sharing my world.

It has been so long I participated in this wonderful challenge. Today I will be answering this set of questions for Share Your World (SYW) What color do you feel most comfortable wearing? Blue is my favorite color. I like almost all shades of blue. I have many dresses with different shades of blue and… Continue reading Sharing my world.