The reason I smile.

I love flowers. I try to be creative in my responses. I like to click and share many different flower photos with you all. I even post responses to different challenges using flower photos.


2 beautiful sunsets.

These photos are my entry for The Daily Post Photo Challenge Rise/Set. These two are my favorite sunset picture. Both of them were clicked in a journey two years ago. I clearly remember the day (or evening!). I was travelling in a bus sitting at my favorite spot – a window seat. Both these photos…… Continue reading 2 beautiful sunsets.

Two flowers are better than one.

Six Word Saturday After a long time I am posting a flower photo. This post is in response to Six Word Saturday challenge. I would like to share a six word quote for you all. Keep going, you are getting there.      

Poem about journey

Yesterday was my two hundredth post – theme was Friend. It was an acrostic poem. Today I am writing about journey. The poetry type I am presenting is Similes.

Poem about water.

This Thursday is very special. It is because I am posting a poem after a long time. This is for a new writing challenge.  I am starting a new course from WordPress Blogging University.