Humble periwinkle

Here is a photo of Catharanthus roseus in my garden. I love these flowers. They bloom in every season, bright pink color and five almost identical petals.



The best part about them is that they are not ‘seasonal’. Always a bright and cheerful appearance in the backyard!

Flower of the day – Periwinkle

The monsoon is here! The flowers in my garden are enjoying it as much as I am ☺ Here is my flower of the day click. Periwinkle in my garden. I just love the fresh color. Everyday in the morning these beautiful things greet me. The vinca flowers throughout the year. You will never see…… Continue reading Flower of the day – Periwinkle

Natural World & Leading Lines

I like capturing the natural world. So, this topic of ‘Natural World & Leading Lines’ for photo 101 is very exciting for me. Observing the different shapes, patterns, textures and color shades of various flowers, leaves, observing the seasonal changes is my hobby. These ornamental and other garden plants are my favorite models for photography.…… Continue reading Natural World & Leading Lines