What is Gray and quote.

via Daily Prompt: Gray What is gray? A neutral or achromatic color. Where is it found? It is a shade between black and white. A quick search on Crayola shows that the Hue family is black and it was introduced in 1934. Quote about gray Life is about the gray areas. Things are seldom black…… Continue reading What is Gray and quote.

Plans to do… (#2 post of new year)

via Daily Prompt: Capable This word surely tests me! Yesterday I published a post after a month long break. It was first step towards my goal. Yes, I have decided to write a post everyday from now on. Today the one word prompt is asking me if I am up for it on second day.…… Continue reading Plans to do… (#2 post of new year)

1st post of new year.

via Daily Prompt: Someday Hello my fellow bloggers! I hope everyone is well and waiting for second weekend of new year.(I am!) Oh I forgot to wish everyone a happy new year. It has been a month since my last post was published. This is not something that will cheer the readers.I am sorry myself.…… Continue reading 1st post of new year.

Three days ago.

his prompt has confused me. Why?

Now ‘trending’. Then ‘ancient’.

Daily Prompt: Ancient “Things which are in trend today will become ancient one day” I believe in this sentence very much. Every thing that is in existence today will someday vanish. The stories we hear today are from ancient world, lost way before our time came. I am sure, our stories will be ancient one…… Continue reading Now ‘trending’. Then ‘ancient’.