Enjambment and screen

Day six. Intro to poetry. I would like to present Enjambment and screen.


Poem about water.

This Thursday is very special. It is because I am posting a poem after a long time. This is for a new writing challenge.  I am starting a new course from WordPress Blogging University. 

Sharing Monday Motivation

It is a Monday evening in my part of the world. It is refreshing to start blogging week with wonderful questions in Share Your World.

Why is it a wonderful weekend?

Today is the last Saturday of February 2018. That is why I am writing this special post. 


It is the first day of the week. MONDAY. I visited National day and guess what?! Today is… NATIONAL DICTIONARY DAY This day is to honor Noah Webster. He published first dictionary in 1806. The website suggest that this day should be ‘celebrated’ by learning a new word or two! It would be fun to play the dictionary based…… Continue reading NATIONAL DICTIONARY DAY