My world on tuesday

I am back with a new post to share my world. I saw the questions and could not help but smile. The first question is about cartoons. It is a thing which is very close to my heart. Here are my answers to Share Your World What was or is your favorite cartoon? Just a…… Continue reading My world on tuesday

Sunday Pleasure.

Anaphora : In writing or speech, the deliberate repetition of the first part of the sentence in order to achieve an artistic effect is known as Anaphora. (want to know more) I got to know about this word in one of my Intro to Poetry lesson. Here is my attempt at anaphora. I am writing about the pleasure…… Continue reading Sunday Pleasure.

Enjambment and screen

Day six. Intro to poetry. I would like to present Enjambment and screen.

Poem about water.

This Thursday is very special. It is because I am posting a poem after a long time. This is for a new writing challenge.  I am starting a new course from WordPress Blogging University. 

Sharing Monday Motivation

It is a Monday evening in my part of the world. It is refreshing to start blogging week with wonderful questions in Share Your World.