I for ixora.

Flower of the day Cee’s black and white photo challenge

Purple flower of the day – Bluebell barleria!

A late entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purples clubbed with flower of the day! Finally, I clicked some photos of these flowers in backyard. It was raining for past few days. Today morning saw some sunlight. I took the golden opportunity to click some photos in garden. Here it is. Latest blossom of Barleria cristata (Philippine violet, bluebell… Continue reading Purple flower of the day – Bluebell barleria!


Monday. First day of the week and time to answer the question in share your world. Here are the questions and my answers. What is your earliest memory? I used to spend  a lot of time in drawing, coloring books. Just take any paper and start drawing. Although, a tree would not look like a… Continue reading SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2016 WEEK 28

Flower of the day – Periwinkle

The monsoon is here! The flowers in my garden are enjoying it as much as I am ☺ Here is my flower of the day click. Periwinkle in my garden. I just love the fresh color. Everyday in the morning these beautiful things greet me. The vinca flowers throughout the year. You will never see… Continue reading Flower of the day – Periwinkle

Natural curves of Plumeria!

    Curved petals of beautiful plumeria. My entry for this The Daily Post weekly photo challenge prompt – curve