what do you call this flower?

This is a new addition to my garden. I am really happy to receive such a gift. The reason I am using the word ‘this’ instead of the name is simply that I don’t know it. Thank you in advance! Wish you all a very joyful weekend. 🙂 This post is written in response to…… Continue reading what do you call this flower?

Grateful to Roses.

This is one of the three rose varieties in my garden. This monsoon all three bloomed very nicely. My flower of the day is Rose. These flowers are really small and cute. They do not have any particular fragrance. Last year we did saw very few flowers, I researched a bit about the gardening of…… Continue reading Grateful to Roses.

The reason I smile.

I love flowers. I try to be creative in my responses. I like to click and share many different flower photos with you all. I even post responses to different challenges using flower photos.

Two flowers are better than one.

Six Word Saturday After a long time I am posting a flower photo. This post is in response to Six Word Saturday challenge. I would like to share a six word quote for you all. Keep going, you are getting there.      

Firecracker flower or Aboli

Yes, the name is weird! I know this flower by name Aboli (A-bol-ee). These are beautiful little flowers on an evergreen shrub. Wikipedia tells me that ‘The common name “firecracker flower” refers to the seed pods, which are found after the flower has dried up, and tend to “explode” when near high humidity or rainfall. The “explosion”…… Continue reading Firecracker flower or Aboli