Edge & Alignment

I found the edge in this Plumeria. We planted this some 5-6 years ago and it has grown this big. The branches as you can see all bearing pink flowers. I can not even reach them now.:) But that is the best thing about it. You can just admire the color, structure, and other traits…… Continue reading Edge & Alignment

Glass, Squared

  Flowers and leaves – all made of glass with their reflection in mirror. These flowers were a gift and fit perfect for the theme. I experimented with angles and mirror for this. This is the result. 🙂  

Landscape & Cropping

This is another click from travel…a landscape.    

Treasure & Close-up

I treasure the flowers in my garden and one of my favorite is Sweet William. This magenta colored flower is very tiny, and has a velvety appearance. The stamen, stigma part is very small and shiny white. This close-up tells it all.  

Scale & Observation

Taking inspiration from different fashion brands posting photos of the footwear, I clicked this.I think this is kind of stylish. Lucky girl, my Barbie! I wish I had those heels! This is my interpretation of scale & Observation.