Triumph & Contrast

Now, these delicate Crossandra infundibuliformis or ‘firecracker flowers’ are blooming in my garden. Not one or two but four at a time. Surely a ‘triumph’. 🙂 Here, working on contrast in the image enhanced its appearance even more.   Advertisements

Voice lost forever

Daily Prompt – Voice When I was small, we got telephone and every weekend we used to call our relatives in other city. It was a new experience for me. I could listen to voices of my grandma, grandpa as if they are in front of me. I remember when I used to dial their numbers…wait…… Continue reading Voice lost forever

Flower of the day – Clitoria

Clitoria or butterfly pea this morning. 🙂

Double & Rotation

I love this theme. Here is my interpretation. (I know, cliché) 🙂 The photo I’m sharing is of flowers which I can not identify. If anyone knows the name please share it with me.  

Color Your World – Scarlet

This is my entry to color your world – Scarlet