How my tweets taste!

This is my seventh poem. The one word prompt is Flavor.

I am going to try ‘found poetry‘ today.

Courtesy: Poetweet

This online tool took different words from my tweets. And that is it! It took me about an hour for my previous poems. This one is done in just a minute.

The three versions available were Sonnet, Rondel and Indriso. I am sharing the one in Indriso. I like that version more than the other two.

Here is an Indriso from my tweets.

Embed from Getty Images

To fight
Always My post
I like this thought!

Look out for more …
Interesting change!
Setting sun, hibiscus and more

Raindrops to river

This is very helpful!

This post is my tribute to social media. What do you think about it? I would like to hear from you.

P.S. Only three more days of learning poetry in this wonderful course. I have mixed feelings. That is why the emojis!




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