Rainbow of photos

Hello everyone. I am posting for color your world.

I am sharing for all seven days in the past week. I hope you will enjoy the photos. Wish you all a ‘colorful’ Sunday’.

First color February 18 – Forrest Green

I can think of only one flower for this color. It is Green Plumeria.

green plumeria 1

This is not a recent picture. I am still waiting for them in this season.

Second color February 19 – Pacific Blue

Blue is my favorite color. I think pacific blue sounds very cool.

blue sky

Third color February 20 – Yellow

A few years ago, we had a yellow hibiscus in our garden.

yellow hibiscus

Fourth color February 21 – Outrageous Orange


Orange ixora closeup

These are a bunch of little Ixora flowers.

Fifth color February 22 – Red Violet

This one is the hard to find. Let us see if this fits the description.

periwinkle flower

This Madagascar Periwinkle comes to my rescue!

Sixth color February 23 – Purple Mountains’ Majesty

What a cryptic name! But, I have simple solution. I present to you this beauty.


Now, coming to the last one.

Seventh color February 24 – Blush

This is my presentation for blush.

Pink flowers in the garden (2)


I did it! 🙂

Yes. I am so happy to complete this marathon post. I know it is too long. All the flowers in this post are/ were in my garden. I am sure that these photos made you smile.

Colors really fill our world. I am so grateful that I have vision to witness such beautiful colors. I am truly blessed!

Thank you for this wonderful challenge.

Happy Sunday everyone. Make sure all visit this wonderful challenge post and take part in it.




2 thoughts on “Rainbow of photos

  1. I like the yellow – it reminds me of the day I realized that when a pure color patch is seen in isolation, as when I use the paint bucket on the computer, it doesn’t look as pretty and soft as they were when they had textures as in originals.

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