Happiness and other emotions


“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.”― Eleanor Roosevelt

The sentence is so small. Yet very meaningful. I really liked this quote. The deep meaning is very motivating. I often think that people have forgotten how to be happy. Instead of looking at their own life, people get affected by others happiness. Why it must be so? Instead of finding joy in others happiness, people get jealous. Many people I have seen will never appreciate the life they are living. They are not content with some thing or the other. They think that by getting something which other possess will make them happy. But, it starts a bad cycle of jealousy and wanting what others are having.

People so badly get into this bad habit of ‘want’ that they forget to acknowledge small, but meaningful changes in self. Not appreciating other people for what they truly are better at, is another thing, normally observed these days. They always find faults in good things. How hard is it to complement for genuine good things. Simple living is also targeted by these people. I will have what ‘they’ are having, I want the exact same abc as some xyz, things like ‘this’ only show particular ‘status’, the list goes on. These people can only think about, ‘want’.

This greediness is so terrifying. I am writing this because I want to remember that I will not let these feelings in my heart. I will not live my life longing for something because of which I will forget to acknowledge the small, beautiful moments in life. Instead of running behind materialistic things, I would like to rejoice in small achievements, celebrate every moment of life with my family. I would like to try and do all the things with my own pace and not be dragged in rat race.

I did not know the post on Sunday would turn up so serious one. I am sure in coming years if I get to read the post in archives, I will be happy that I wrote about it. I wish everyone best for coming week.


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