Bundle of joy – chrysanthemum

chrysanthemum flowers.jpg


“To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

This week, theme is transmogrify. Transform. Morph. Change. Show us something already transformed, on the cusp of transformation, or that you wish you could transform. Share a photo of your human niece transmogrified into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween, or take a shot of some street art (aka, a wall that’s been transmogrified into something else). Or create a gallery, with a series of photos showing a metamorphosis in progress.

For this week photo challenge, I decided to go with this photo. It is showing all the different stages a flower transformations, changes during growth. From a tiny bud to full blossom. It was clicked after rains, so the flowers are all wet. I particularly find it attractive when rain drops settle on flowers and take different shapes, increasing glow of the ever so bright yellow chrysanthemum.

Witnessing the stages of growth in a flower in backyard is almost like watching a baby grow, I feel. It is full of surprises and happiness. I enjoy watching over my flowers and their beautiful transformation. Again in case of chrysanthemum, they last longer i.e. take more days to wilt. So, the pleasant yellow is a bundle of joy.


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