Waiting for the orange dot to appear

Waiting : remain in readiness for a purpose


Image source : Pixabay

I am going to write about this one meaning. ‘Remain in readiness…’

It is difficult to find to find a person who does not want to be appreciated. When one does something new and share it with the world, basic idea is to showcase the work and get appreciation. But, it is not easy. You have to be patient. You have to Wait. Wait.And wait….till your work gets recognized, appreciated. I like to get feedback and sharing my thought about the ‘waiting game’.

I log in to WordPress. The page loads to reader. My eyes fix to the right side upper corner on the page. What is it that I wait for on that site, you ask?  It is the tiny ‘bell’.It is supposed to bring notifications. Likes, comments, my blogging achievements, etc. On some days, the bell is white, sometimes it is showing an orange dot. Well,when I post something I wait for the white bell to turn into one which displays notification. Besides the notifications I also wait for weekly challenge prompts, daily one word prompts, photo challenges on WordPress.

I wait to read the topic, see if I can post about it. After writing a post and hitting the ‘publish’ button…the waiting starts. Same will happen with the post I am writing now. Soon after publishing, the wait for ‘orange dot’ starts. Please do not misunderstand me. I like blogging and do it for my happiness. But, when you are writing something you need some kind of feedback may it be in terms of ‘likes’ or ‘comments’,’link backs’, anything. These things motivate to keep on doing what one has started. That is why I feel the bloggers are lucky on WordPress. So many readers waiting for their favorites to appear on reader and bloggers waiting for feedback.

 Ok. Now, it is time to present the post. I just hope notification ‘bell’ shows an orange dot and the wait is over…. 🙂


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