Behind the curtains…some amazing facts!

One Word Photo Challenge: Curtain

Colorful window blinds.jpg

I am posting photo of blinds instead of regular curtains. Blind is a screen for a window, especially one on a roller or made of slats. This photo is clicked in my building. The older place had roller blinds which were vertical, It had a string to pull and adjust the height. They were plain, white bars. Sadly, I don’t have the photos for that shades.

We also have cotton curtains at home. They are beautiful, golden brown, floral printed curtains. The material nearly blocks sunlight. They have cooling effect. However, I love these kind of blinds with wonderful texture.These window coverings are available in different materials like fabric, stiff polyester, wood, etc. Varieties of curtains include Persian, Venetian, Vertical, Mini blinds, Micro blinds, Louvers, Jalousies, Holland blinds, Pleated blinds, Roller shades and many others.

Amazing facts about curtains and blinds:

1. The word curtain comes from the Middle English word ‘Cortine’, derived from the Old French and Late Latin word ‘Cortina’.

2. The Tilt Mechanism found in nearly all hanging blinds today was first patented by American inventor John Hampson.

3. Persians first engineered the familiar slatted design we all recognise today as Venetian blinds.

4. Some of the earliest known blinds are derived from evidence of the ancient Chinese’. Blinds were created by binding bamboo together, and hanging them in doorways and windows to create privacy.

5. In 1833 it was recommended that window fabrics match other upholstery in the room exactly. Ten years later, this concept was thrown out as the “in” look, and efforts were made for draperies to simply compliment other upholstery in a room.

6. At the beginning of the 19th century, many spoke out against the use of draperies, saying they were too expensive, too dusty, and too hard to make.


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