(Mari)GOLD memories

Marigold flowers

May day

Even though autumn is here. I am missing a certain spring day.

These beautiful marigold flowers were clicked at a garden. I remember we were travelling that day and took a stop at this small hotel. The air was very nice. It was in the evening. We had tea and some snacks. Then, while roaming around the garden I found these. I love the marigold flowers. One look at them and you feel cheerful.

After coming home, it was on my mind to plant marigold in our backyard. So, we bought the packets of seeds available in market, instead of a sapling. On a fine morning, we prepared a bed and planted the seeds. Now there was a hope. Hope that it will grow, a healthy one with lots and lots of flowers…

Few things I knew about them was that the seeds germinate fast. They can grow in any soil type and flower annually. I was surprised few weeks later after spotting some hint of buds growing and… it was happening! In few days we had first blossom of marigold. The flowers seemed delicate and smaller. We thought it was because it was only few weeks old.

May be there was not enough sunshine after that or anything else but the plant didn’t grow much. After 1-2 blossoms, it wilted. I felt really sad. I didn’t know much about ‘how to grow marigold’, ‘what care should be taken?’ at that time. That resulted in short span of marigold blossom in our garden. I could not even click photos of 3-4 flowers the plant had.

Whenever I go through the photo albums, can not help myself to stop at this one. It brings back the memories of the travelling, the nice weather, cool air I experienced that day. It also reminds me of my attempt at growing marigold at home.

Now, after more than 2 years I have thought about planting it again. This time, I have decided to check everything. I will take care of it from the beginning. The plant needs more sunshine, OK. I will make sure it is planted in the spot where there is plenty of sunshine. I will regularly water it as per the instructions. In coming moths there is hope for a new adventure in garden. Hopefully I will manage to click photos this season.

I would love to hear your stories, advice, tips and tricks about growing different flowering plants at home and gardening.

Happy weekend!! 🙂



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