Share Your World – 2016 Week 40

It is Wednesday. I am late (again) to post for share your world. The questions are so interesting and fun to answer that I feel bad on days when I don’t post for this challenge. Now, it is time to answer the questions.

Why did you start blogging?

The main thought behind starting my blog was to explore the world of blogs. I was very curious about how people start blogging, different ideas behind every blog. Bloggers developing followers because of their individual style of presenting what interests them and in a entertaining way to the readers. I also love exploring new things so having a blog was on my ‘to-do’ list.

A piece of clothing you still remember?

I had a dress in pink. A soft, cotton fabric with geometric print on it. It was my most favorite dress. I remember the soft feel of the fabric. The day I would wear it would become my happy day of the week. I don’t have that dress now. I miss it so much.

Who are you trying to reach with your blog?

I like interacting with people. I learn so much from every blog I read on WordPress. Everyone has a unique style of expressing. It may be photography, painting, writing. I am trying to reach the people who share the similar interests like me.

Is there a stuffed animal in your bedroom?

I have stuffed monkey in my bedroom. I do not sleep with it. It just hangs there on the side curtains like it would in a jungle. It has a shiny brown fur and light brown sparkly eyes. Also, the hand are long so you can tie it anywhere in the bedroom.

The best birthday present ever?

The best birthday present was a big box of oil pastels. I love drawing. Getting a box of 50 different shades of oil pastels was the best thing ever.

What would surprise me about you?

I like drawing and do it pretty OK. My favorite medium oil. Although I sketch more  is  and haven’t shared much of my drawing on my blog. Someday I will do that so it will not be much surprising.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week I was busy with my work so could not post. I feel I need to make more time for my blogging. I am looking forward to another week filled with my blogging attempt and reading what fellow bloggers are up-to.

Meanwhile I am planning to change my WordPress theme. So, one more thing to look forward to! 🙂

Oh Great! I managed to answer all the questions. Not bad. Starting my blogging week today so have a great week ahead everyone!


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