Dilemma of blogging.

Daily Prompt: Dilemma

I logged into WordPress today eager to see what the one word prompt is. It is dilemma. I don’t know what this word does. But, I was in dilemma the moment I read the prompt. What should I write about? How to approach this topic??

Then as a mental exercise I repeated this one word. Thinking about the meaning and what could be posted. It is not intentional but I purposefully avoid reading posts written by other wonderful bloggers while I am thinking about writing one. Please do not get me wrong. I am still learning this blogging thing. Putting new posts everyday is really hard for me. So, I land in a big problem every time I open WordPress reader, looking for prompts. Something gets clicked and I can write posts but on some days (or weeks) it is really hard to write few words.

Thankfully, the words are flowing easily as I’m tapping keyboard. Not stopping for any backspace or pause. I think my mind is clear about what to write about such nice one word post. I am looking at the word count and it shows I have written about 200 odd words. Well, not bad for me. A post for Monday is coming to an end. I am happy I could overcome the dilemma about “dilemma”. Lastly, I would like to share a quote:

“Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close from Monday?”

 Have a great week everyone!! 🙂




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