Pretend or not…

It was almost time for his flight. He looked at his mother’s face. She looked at him smiling and waved, trying to avoid him. Her face was happy but eyes were filled with tears. How could she cry? He didn’t like it at all. She quickly wiped the tears using a handkerchief. “Oh, this dirty air! making my eyes water”. She pretended, smiling at him. Her tears might make him weak , she feared.

Her son, now at the gate, waved cheerfully. He was about to leave her for a year. For getting selected in a training program, abroad. First one from the family to achieve this feat. He did not like to see her cry and was worried about her. He saw her red nose, teary eyes clearly. He pretended to be unaffected by her tears…but, at that very instant, he wanted to run to her just like the first day of his school…

Daily prompt : Pretend


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