Solace in silence

Daily Prompt: Silence

Silence reminds me of my school days. My class had highest number of students in whole school. Big classrooms packed with students would always get scolding for noise. Teachers would demand for ‘Pin-drop silence’. Our class hardly had those quiet moments. One of those moments happened when there was actually no teacher to control the class. What really happened was that we had off. No teacher was available to fill in. Of course, we were happy and started chatting. Some boys left their places and went to wander in corridors. Whole class got busy (?!). Some started talking, some started drawing on board. Few students grabbed the golden opportunity to eat a few bites of lunch. The voices grew louder, almost noise like. Meanwhile someone had closed the door. Suddenly, it opened with force…Suddenly everyone stopped what they were doing.

It was ‘Pin-drop silence’.

Everyone waited for the teacher to appear at the doors. Instead, 2-3 boys came banging the door. Silence was broken and whole class started laughing and screaming. We did not even hear the bell ring. It was only when teacher from other class came to see why we were all loud and noisy. This resulted in scolding followed by punishment to those boys for their mischief.

Another memories of silence from school days are of exams. Only the sound of pen on the paper and turning pages of answer sheets. For whole two hours! I remember, hearing my own voice after giving exam would be weird. Besides school days, silence in library was killer in college days. Even though I love reading and like libraries. Our college library was something else. Me and my friends seldom studied in college library. Dead silence is the proper word for it. I used to feel sleepy in such silent places. I cannot bear such silence. Even now, when I’m writing or browsing, I hear the sounds from tapping of keys on keyboard, my mom working in kitchen and music player playing melodious songs. My favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is listening to the wind blowing, birds chirping and some distant sound of vehicles on road.


I do not find solace in silence. 🙂


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