Daily Prompt: Cake

Daily Prompt: Cake

Thank you The Daily Post for this ‘sweet’ prompt. Could not skip this post

It will be hard to find a person who does not like cake. I have a sweet tooth and love cakes. All sort of cakes, decorated birthday cakes to plain cakes!

Holidays and celebrations go hand in hand with cakes at my house. We usually buy cakes from a famous bakery in our locality. They have different specials, but my favorite is the carrot cake! The soft and dense texture of this cake, is my all time favorite cake. Usually around the Christmas season, this cake is a must at our house. This cake is healthy so more reasons to enjoy!

I hardly bake at home as I don’t have an oven at house. This did not stop me though. I tried my hand at baking cake 2-3 times using vanilla, chocolate flavor. It was prepared using basic method of cake preparation and were without eggs. To my surprise, all the attempts were quiet successful and tasted genuinely cake like.:)

Now that The Daily Post has prompt about cake…I might try again! I will look for good recipes and who knows after few trials I might bake a carrot cake at home this Christmas 🙂 So, if anyone has some recipes of their own or have any suggestions or ideas for cake, please do share them with me!


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