Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Trees

Hello everyone!

I am posting after a long gap. The schedule was so busy past month I could not post anything. I know I missed so many wonderful posts. I will try and post regularly starting this month.

Oh my gosh! I missed this feeling of writing and posting on WordPress! So, here is my first post WordPress after a long gap. One of my favorite photo challenges by Cee – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.

This week’s topic is Trees. So, here is my entry for the challenge.

Coconut tree
Coconut tree in the backyard

This photo was clicked on a sunny morning in July. I love the mysterious effect created by sun in the background. This surely is one of my favorite photos I clicked of this coconut tree. The other time this lovely tree was featured in my post was when I participated in photo 101 event hosted by WordPress. You can find that post : Connect & Tags

This tree was planted by my grandma about 30 years ago. It is very tall now and full of coconuts. Coconut has many health benefits- regarded as super food. We try and use it in cooking often. Shredded coconut is my favorite addition in home cooked curries. The flavor and taste enhancement is beyond explanation.I also like to drink coconut milk and coconut water.

Coming to some fun parts about this tree. 🙂 Sometimes because of  wind the dried coconuts fall down with a loud noise it is almost scary..sometimes the old branches also on the roof with crash. We always keep an eye on the tree whenever going in the backyard.

This concludes the Friday post about my coconut tree. Thank you again Cee for amazing topic for photo challenge. I wish everyone a great weekend. Hopefully, I will keep posting more this month.

See my contribution to previous Cee’s Black and White Challenges.



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