Too much of Beach… NEVER!

Daily Prompt (one-word prompt): Beach 

When I read today’s one word prompt, immedietly I remembered my visit to Goa.

Goa, one of the most beautiful places I have visited in India. This small, coastal state in India is famous for many things. Most importanly for amazing beaches.There are more than 50 beaches in Goa. Many of them are popular tourist spots.

I remember it was in early December. We planned a 3-4 day holiday with friends. I was excited to visit different beaches. I had heard and watched the beauty of those beahes so many time.

During our visit to Goa, we could manage to visit some of the most popular beaches in North Goa. One of them was Candolim Beach. This is the longest and most famous beach in Goa.This beach is known to host famous ‘Sunburn Festival’ in December. We went there in the morning. Beautiful blue sea – Arabian sea was glimmering in sun. Scorching heat and wind and humidity in the air…

The beach was full of people. Some with families, others on college trips. Many tourists and locals having fun on the clean sand shore. Then there were typical coast guards looking over the people. Many people were having fun with water sports. Banana rides, Jetski ride, Parasiling, Speed boat ride and many more. Some were walking barefoot on the smoth sand, others trying some local food from stalls. I cliked so many photos on the beach. It was difficult to capture its beauty in a frame. It was so much fun!

I still remember the cold sea water touching my bare feet while walking on that beach. My thoughts at that moment can better be descibed as:

quote image

Thank you daily post for this one word prompt.I literally went back to that Candolim beach while writing this post. After spending a LOT of time at beach, then we visited the Aguada fort. I will write about this in some other post.

Now, I can conclude my post on beach with this thought. I know a lot of you will agree with this. 🙂



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