Close to my heart…Closet

There are many closets in my house.

Two of them are wall closets and others are well, normal closets.They take up much of space in the rooms. So I personally like the wall closets. Both the wall closets are similar in design with two ordinary wooden doors and a old fashioned handle. The doors open on the front. One can not place in or take out something from it unless both the doors are opened.

One of them is full of books. All kinds of books – fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, children’s books, historical, short stories, novels, comics, religious…etc.  I arranged all the books in it specially for maintenance purpose. Also, it is easy to locate every book. Along with those books I keep some other stuff like stationery in it too. Again, easy to find and hard to get misplaced.

The other wall closet is a smaller in size and bit fashionable compared to the one with books. It is with glass panel so you can see through and get look at beautiful crockery my mom saves for special guests. Unlike the boring wooden planks the glass panels are proud of themselves to be placed in kitchen (I feel so!).

Anyway, these two closets are my favorites in the house. Close to my heart…closets!

But it will be injustice to the others if I do not even mention them.

So, coming to other normal closets, one of them is a wooden closet, very specious and beautiful in design. We keep mostly clothes in them. Piles of clothes neatly folded and made into sections so that they do not mix with others and create a mess. There is a metal bar in middle section where Dad hangs the ironed shirts. One entire section is dedicated to my clothes and mom’s (individually of course, women!).

Same goes for the remaining ones. They all happily keep the mess on ground/floor inside them, do not complain when unexpected visits make us to fill them up with junk or other similar things otherwise kept neatly inside.

These all closets with different personalities, appearances, and independent of what is inside complete my house. Almost like a family member.

Well, that’s about it. The one word prompt by daily prompt – ‘closet




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