Voice lost forever

Daily Prompt – Voice

When I was small, we got telephone and every weekend we used to call our relatives in other city. It was a new experience for me. I could listen to voices of my grandma, grandpa as if they are in front of me.

I remember when I used to dial their numbers…wait for the ring .. eager to listen to my Grandpa’s voice on the other end to say “Hello”.  I still remember those talks which were filled with their love, encouragement and blessing.  I wish I had something to record those voices, filled with joy, love and care.

Also, I used to call everyone on their birthdays and wish personally. I still do. I feel messages and emojis can not really deliver the real feelings which tones, and expressions in a voice does.

It is the voice which tells if someone dear is ailing or happy, excited or sad.

Everyone has a phone in their pocket…but they prefer chatting on their phones. Friends increase in friend list but few bother to keep in touch. Elders worry about listening to voices of children and grandchildren while they prefer to chat with friends..But they forget that those unique voices, not listened well; will be lost with their passing…someday a whisper and then lost forever…. voices lost forever…


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