Inevitable, unavoidable…

Daily propmt :  Inevitable

There are many things is life which are inevitable or events which are unavoidable. One such thing is growing up. This inevitable event occurs from unicellular to multicellular organisms. The cycle of birth, growth, aging and death – inevitable.


I look out of my window, there a small bud

A hope for flower to blossom…

Bud grows

Beautiful flower blooms

Attractive colors and sweet smell

I look out of my window, there is a flower

Happiness all around

Smiles and greetings exchanged

‘welcome’ I whisper,

Few hours at hand, though

Where should it start,

No worries,

The blooming is in itself an adventure,

Getting acknowledged,

‘I am a part of this world’,

Purpose of my existence, fulfilled

Spreading joy all around,

Warm Sun, cool breeze,

Chirping birds, neighboring flowers,

New world to explore,

It is exciting,

bees, butterflies circle around,

New friends, shower love,

Share experiences and,

Hours go by

So, the day goes on…

There goes the sun,

Farewell my friend, I say, tears in eyes,

But the flower smiles,

Without saying much,

Petals wrinkled, all ready to curl

To embrace the inevitable,

‘see you again’ I say,

Dream about me, it answers…

Last words spoken,

Mute tears roll down,

Only darkness, when eyes closed

I look out of my window,

A new bud,

A new hope…


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