Five things

Daily prompt: A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

I have never been to a place which was deserted as I like to be surrounded with people. However, there are certain things which I keep with myself all the time. So, I guess I will stick to those five things or items which I usually prefer to keep with me whenever I’m going somewhere.

In this case, I will be on a deserted island. The five items which I must have will include:

  1. A pencil
  2. A diary
  3. A book
  4. My wristwatch
  5. A good pair of shoes

Now, this is not a list according to priorities. I absolutely cannot go anywhere without wearing a wristwatch. I am so habitual to have it on my wrist that I look at my wrist intermittently even if I forget it someday. And if I am on a deserted island, there will be absolutely nobody to ask the time and pass the time. So, a wristwatch is a must on my list.

In the free time I like to doodle, sketch, draw something. On a deserted island, with no one to talk to, I guess I will pass my time doing random sketches and scribbling. That is a great way to relax and free my mind of the stress of an ordinary day. That is why there will be a diary and pencil. Also, I could get some ideas about writing and keep notes of the happenings on that island.

If I get bored, I could read some book. A book with different short stories. I will read it if I get tired of sketching and writing. It will be my savior. I hope that the island will be a place full of natural beauty. So, to explore the area and wandering, a good pair of shoes will be a lot of help.

Then, I could sing my heart out and loud, as there will be nobody to stop me.

I will get more time to self-reflection.

I will realize that I miss my beautiful family. So, I will hope that this island adventure lasts for just few hours and I will meet my family again!

Instead of the five items listed above I will wish for my lovely family members to accompany me on a trip to such deserted island and make memories together there! 🙂


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