Daily Prompt

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

I like this prompt.I’m not much of self deprecating person but I like to keep things to myself. So, this prompt – chance to write about my favorite thing about myself! Wow!!

I like to explore things. Anything new in the world attracts me. This new might have been in existence since long, does not matter. When I get to know about those things I get excited and happy!

This exploring includes trying new mediums for drawing, painting, creative artwork, learning about new languages, foreign cultures, movies and music, exploring new software programs, photography, books, process of developing apps, technology, etc.

I like to read a lot. That helps a lot in this ‘exploring’ thing. I try reading different genres, various writers. From novels, classics, fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, general, thrillers, mysteries to  magazines to comics (now a days, webtoon is the new fascination!).

Exploring in movies is another favorite thing. I like to watch movies and dramas from different countries. This helps me in learning about their culture, language, etc. Currently I’m watching some Korean and Japanese movies.

Same goes for music. New artists and sound always get my attention. Language is no barrier in any art. So, I’ve collection of songs from different artists from classical to rock. I will not list my favorites here as it will take much space.

Coming to my fad of gadgets. I like to know about latest gadgets coming in market, the features, comparison in different brand,etc. Even though I can not handle each of the new things launched, at least take a note of those things.

I started this blog for the sake of ‘exploring’ new something. Ever since the start of this blog, and publishing my first post – a quote; I’m still exploring and learning. Enjoying the process.
When I look back, I remember since I was a child, I’ve done these things and still do. I think that I’ve gained so much from this habit of mine. 🙂
I’ve been an explorer…always!
This is my favorite thing about myself!!

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