Nothing to say!!

Today,I’m writing a post taking daily prompt by journalingprompts on tumblr.

The prompt on 12th February 2016 is “What do you write about when you have nothing to say?”

It is really a thought provoking question. People these days always have something to say about everything. There are very slim chances of happening when one has ‘nothing to say’.

So, if I have nothing to say about anything…then I would probably write about the random things. It is writing that helps in expressing the thoughts without speaking. I could just go on typing words, forming sentences…who knows where I might end end up. I type sentences one after other without worrying about time. With my thoughts and words linked together…time flies.

Now that I come to a halt, I read through the passages. It is a short story which I wanted to write since forever. It is a happy story. It is not a very polished story, just about a simple girl.

Someday I want to write a book. This is just a start.I am happy that I could write one today; on a day when I had nothing to say… 🙂



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