The time starts now….

Yes…the time starts now and even though it is 10 whole minutes…still typing in such a hurry is like playing ‘Minute To Win It’ with my laptop!

Anyways, the topic is so interesting that I can think of many things to write but the clock is ticking…so I will write about the beautiful large pink hibiscus that grows in garden at my home. By the way it is as large as palm of hand with shades of white in it!

Everyday there are at least 2-3 flowers. Whenever I look at them they feel like beaming at me and I  smile. Early mornings with one look at those pure flowers and nature gives a fresh start to my day !

I like to observe the growth of a small bud into big flower and again wilt at the end of the day…next day again there are some more waiting for me.

Sometimes as a bonus there are around 6-7 flowers and I can not stop myself from taking pictures of it. Some in fresh sunlight, glowing while others waiting their turn. All the flowers trying to attract me like telling me to capture them with their best profiles.

That is it I guess. 10 minutes are over…


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