Organized Reading..!!!daily ritual!!!

I like reading! Reading daily newspapers is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. I do that everyday .  I can read my  favorite sections like sports, international news corner and the best part – comic strips!

My sequence of reading the paper includes reading sports page preferentially…going through the different match summaries, special features, upcoming matches, etc..then comes the international news section which gives details about the happenings worldwide. Some news make me happy while some pensive.

So, to lighten the mood I turn the pages and go to the comic strips…’Calvin and Hobbes’ are my favorite! Whenever I read that section, it brings smile to my face.

If someday, it is not there or because of some work I am unable to read the newspaper, I feel like I have missed something important…

Nowadays, news are available instantly with online sites, news channels, social networking……But , I like that good, old newspaper which comes everyday…waiting to read the headlines…. just  makes my day!! Smile


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