I believe in it!

I have always loved this word ‘Que Sera Sera’ since I read it in a magazine when I was a child. I am finally writing something on this topic… 🙂

I believe in destiny. I think whatever happens in life is destined to happen. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. It can be any thing, any small or big change or even life turning experience…

We can not change the fate(according to me). However, can try to do things for changing the circumstances  which destiny brings.

In life, we meet new people, make friends, some for certain time period and some for lifetime.  Some people try all new things in life while some like to stick to the routine. Even if all hope is lost while trying hard, the goals can be achieved.If a thing is meant to be done it is done for sure…this is what I think when I think about destiny.

I think to experience these things which are meant to happen in life are also destined and if we can learn from them, it will surely bring the change in the way we look at this destiny thing.


15 thoughts on “I believe in it!

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