It is the first day of the week. MONDAY. I visited National day and guess what?! Today is… NATIONAL DICTIONARY DAY This day is to honor Noah Webster. He published first dictionary in 1806. The website suggest that this day should be ‘celebrated’ by learning a new word or two! It would be fun to play the dictionary based… Continue reading NATIONAL DICTIONARY DAY


Daily Prompt: Believe See those trees with colors Red, Purple, orange and yellow and many others I believe, autumn is coming!  

White Wednesday!

Little white flower in my garden.jpg

This is my flower of the day!

Monday sharing!

Here are my answers to Cee’s Share Your World. What do you consider is the most perfect food for you? (It can be your favorite food to something extremely healthy.) I drink milk twice a day everyday. I think it is the most perfect food for me. I also eat a banana daily. It is my favorite… Continue reading Monday sharing!

Monday Motivation

Hello my dear fellow bloggers, This is my first post after almost a month. I could not post because of some connectivity problems. Everything is fine now. AND… I am back! I am very happy to share another design of mine created using canva. This quote by Ralph Marston is one of my favorites quote.… Continue reading Monday Motivation